As part of efforts to promote youth participation in ecovillage development and decision making, the youth constituency of the Global Ecovillage Network Ghana, GEN Ghana elected two representatives in a democratic way to represent at the National Council of the Ecovillage Network.

Constant Akwensi Selase from Food Sovereignty Ghana and Lembadega Linda of the Ghana Permaculture Institute (GPI) were elected through democratic means during the 2nd GEN Ghana Ecovillage Conference to be part of the highest decision making body of the Ecovillage Network in Ghana.

IMG_0003 IMG_20160227_142602

Constant has been a strong advocate for sustainability, food sovereighnty and innovative approaches for youth empowerment. He has the zeal to mobilize youth efforts towards eco-citizenship and to encourage youth to take action in enhancing the development of their communities.

IMG_20160226_193949 IMG_20160309_210059

Linda have a lively spirit and a commitment towards the empowerment of young women for into organic farming and alternative livelihoods. Linda is leading the Ghana Permaculture Institute’s African Women Empowerment Program to mobilize communities in the northern region towards improving their livelihoods and thier environment through organic farming and permaculture.

They come with a lot of youthful wisdom to the council to ensure that the youth are well represented and supported in their quest for eco-citizenship.


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